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Supreme Felt & Abrasives Co.
4425 James Place
Melrose Park, IL. 60160

  Phone: (708) 344-0134
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Supreme Felt is dedicated to providing its customers Quality Products with on-time Delivery, and at competitive prices.

Centrally located just South of O'Hare Field outside Chicago, Supreme Felt stands ready to assist with the technical knowledge needed to solve your problems.

Whether you have questions regarding wicking, fluid transfer, adhesive backed materials, laminated products or a simple die cut washer, Supreme Felt can provide the answers to become one of your trusted suppliers. Supreme Felt is ready to help develop products based upon the problem areas you need to have solved with a material of high quality and best value.

Typical areas of help needed:

  • Proper grade and density of material for best product peformance

  • Best fluid transfer material for liquids

  • The best adhesive backed product for your application

  • How best to limit vibration and noise

  • What to utilize for optimal polishing

  • Materials needed for wipes, padding, lubricators

  • Products for air & water filtration
Yes! Supreme Felt can provide the answers. Quality, delivery, and competitive pricing goes with every shipment