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Typical Uses

While felt is commonly utilized in the motor industry as a wick, it is also utilized in a variety of markets including those where elimination of vibration is required.

We have listed some typical areas of use below:

T Y P I C A L    U S E S
Anti-squeak Strips Insulating
Anti-vibration Pads Insoles
Bearing Seals Journal Lubricators
Bumpers Lubricator
Bushings Oil Retention
Chassis Strips Packaging
Dash Liners Plug Filters
Dryer Seals Polishing Blocks
Dust Shields Precision Cut Parts
Filters Roller Bearing Seals
Fluid Storage Shock Dampeners
Gaskets Spacers
Grease Retainers Washers
Grommets Weatherstrips
Impregnated PackagingWicks
Ink Rolls and Pads Wipers

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